Who we are
Who we are
We are a group of enthusiasts who believe that everyone can find their way to prosperity - in private and in their careers. And no matter what the media, big companies or powerful algorithms convince us of, it can actually be quite easy. That's why we set up this upside down social network - a social network without quarrels, manipulation and advertising. You will find useful (and at the same time surprisingly simple) tools that will help you prosper, but also inspiration, motivation and, last but not least, a great community of people who share similar values as you. Gradually, we are also implementing features that make it easy for you to start earning - right here at YeahCoach. And why are we doing all this? Because we want a world in which the good will win in the end. And because we believe that when we unite, we can do anything. BECAUSE TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!
Robert Kopl
Jirka Svoboda
Lucie Volfová
Alžběta Švarcová
Barbora Voltr Viesnerová
Lukáš Kaleta
David Šindelář
Kateřina Jungvirtová
Petra Šlamborová
Markéta Martiníková
Eva Navrátilová
Martin Pošta
Michaela Bendová
Jitka Macháňová
Bára Milotová
Julián Bajko
František Florián
Jakub Bydžovský
And other cooperating Heroes, Authors, Lectors, Marketers ...
Our vision
First, we wanted to create a simple tool that would effectively help others on their path to prosperity. In the end, it turned out to be the YeahCoach social network - one that doesn't take anything but gives a lot. Forget the ubiquitous advertising, powerful algorithms and unnecessary internet quarrels. This network only serves you and your success. It doesn't matter how far you have come. YeahCoach is a place for anyone who wants to go higher and inspire others with their success. In YeahCoach, we want to connect everyone who has already found their way to success with those who are just looking for it. It doesn't matter if you are an entrepreneur, a mother on maternity leave, or a capable craftsman. Everyone who really cares has the right to prosperity. And YeahCoach will help you achieve prosperity: we'll offer you the tools and methods for your success, connect you with the right people, make it easier for you to find jobs, or help you in a difficult situation (and teach you how you can help yourself next time). But this "UPSIDE DOWN SOCIAL NETWORK" is just the beginning. We want to build a system that you can rely on in difficult times and that will help you succeed. A system that, in cooperation with the best experts in their fields, will help us change the world for the better. We want a healthier and happier society. We want to build new and safe schools that will be loved not only by children, but also by teachers and parents. We want to build a retro playground for all ages. We want to move again, compete, sing, have fun and meet in person outside as before. We simply want to live a happy, full and successful life. We believe that if we unite, we can do anything.