Who we are
It all started 6 years ago. Robert Kopl thought that it would be better for everyone to have a virtual friend who would help them be okay. So he gathered his team, got investors and got to work. Since then, we have experienced a marinade of emotions, mistakes, ups and downs. The result is the YeahCoach - Virtual Friend application for your success.
The first goal of the virtual friend YeahCoach is to improve your life. The second goal of YeahCoach is to unite one billion people and gain financial and social strength to bring about the necessary changes in the world that will stop the destruction of the planet.
Everyone deserves a friend behind the scenes who will show him love and help him succeed. Even superheroes, top entrepreneurs, top athletes, top politicians have a team behind them that helps them succeed. Everyone has the right to success. Likewise, the planet Earth - we and our children have the right to unification and protection. And no government will do that for us. We have to do it together.
We combine exceptional features, opportunities, quality content and smart people. We make sure that good people win here and that scammers lose. Thanks to that, you are safe with us and you can grow in peace. YeahCoach is a virtual friend for your extraordinary life.
Why does one continue to fight, even if they fail many times and fall to their knees? Because every moment of human life is connected with the belief that what we do the next day, next week, next year will mean something more - something bigger than ourselves. The higher goal of YeahCoach is to unite one billion people and gain financial and social strength to promote the necessary changes in the world.
YeahCoach Team
Robert Kopl
Jirka Svoboda
Lucie Volfová
Barbora Voltr Viesnerová
Lukáš Kaleta
David Šindelář
Kateřina Jungvirtová
Petra Šlamborová
Markéta Martiníková
Eva Navrátilová
Martin Pošta
Michaela Bendová
Jitka Macháňová
Bára Milotová
Julián Bajko
František Florián
Jakub Bydžovský
And other cooperating Heroes, Authors, Lectors, Marketers ...