About us
About us
Robert Kopl
I started this project with the YeahCoach team in 2015. But it actually started much earlier. As a young child, I used to stutter a lot and other kids used to make fun of me. The boys didn't want to be friends with me, the girls didn't want to date me and the older kids bullied me. It was embarrassing and I didn't know how to deal with it. That was the first moment I realized it would be good to have a secret friend to help me be stronger. The next big moment was Avatar, which became the biggest blockbuster of all time. It's set in the future on the moon Pandora. On Pandora, there was an Earth-like nature. Some parts of this nature were glowing at night! In this beautiful nature lived human-like Avatars who had blue skin. These Avatars lived in strong harmony with nature. But then humans came to Pandora and in the name of business, they started ravaging nature and killing Avatars. The Avatars bonded with nature and the animals and drove the cruel humans off the planet. After watching this movie, many people were depressed because they realized that they would never have such a beautiful world. They didn't want to return to the grey days of the old world. But at that time, no one knew that such a world could be built. And so we build a new fair world, and the movie Avatar became the inspiration for the development of the YahCoach Virtual Friend. YeahCoach is like Pandora from Avatar, and YeahCoach tools are like the Ikran that the Avatars flew. They made them faster, more accurate, stronger and freer. I love the power of the tools and the spirit of the YeahCoach community. But all of this is just the beginning of the vision. We're gradually connecting 1 billion people and together we're starting to build a global network of fun retro playgrounds so we can meet outdoors, make friends, compete, move and laugh. All connected with the YeahCoach app. If this makes sense and resonates with you, you're in the right place.
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Robert Kopl
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