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An overview of common successes and gratitude to all active users in the YeahCoach community.

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How does the scoring work?

For each of your activities, YeahCoach assigns you positive karma points on the Board of Honor. Look below to see how many and what activities you can get points for.
Participation in physical help case
20 pts.
Contribution to material help case
10 pts.
Contribute to financial help case with amount 100 CZK (approx. 4 USD) *
1 pts.
Give a gift
10 pts.
Add comment
0.1 pts.
Points for contribution to financial assistance are calculated from the total amount of your contributions for the particular period. With a donation of 4 x 50 CZK (approx. 4 x 2 USD) you get a total of 2 points.

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