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On this page you can either help directly or create a collection for yourself. It helps here without intermediaries. You are in direct contact with those who ask for help or fulfillment. You can call them, write them, send money, or visit them in person by appointment. We do not take a crown from your help. You send the money directly to them. Each of your posts is written to the activities of good in your profile If you have at least a minimum membership activated, you too can immediately request a collection for emergency relief, a collection for wish fulfillment, a collection for your business, for alternative maternity or alternative retirement. Click on the "plus" icon below to create a collection. Add a collection or donate to others. The laws of nature will give you back your good deeds three times. This site is a guarantee for you and your family. If anything happens, we cover your back. Most members say that this site with an exceptional community of people is better than an insurance company. In short and well, you are no longer alone. One for all and all for one.
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