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Listen to silence

How I met myself
We are looking for different paths of personal development. We consume spiritual books, videos, we take on one course after another ... Still nothing? Let's try to meet with yourself! Let's get quiet!

I say, "That's a nice spring break! I am on vacation, but both children are sick so we are stuck in Prague! And we could have gone to the mountains! "

I wake up in the morning. It will be boring! I look out of the window. Oh no! It´s white! beautiful soft snow. That's beautiful! Winter came to visit us! Everything is covered with thick white snow. I do not want to turn on my radio or television. This peaceful winter atmosphere completely swallowed me. I felt the white silence - and something magical just started to happen.

I sit quietly and feel an unexpected silence. As if the time stopped. I'm learning to listen to the silence. It's not boring, it's beautiful! I do not need thoughts. What for? They have gone away. And I do not call them back. Just you, silence, be with me! Perhaps right now I'm experiencing "here and now". I do not want to leave the silence. There is everything in it. Calmness, brightness, comfort. relaxation, safety.

And inside, somewhere in me, suddenly I can hear a beautiful wise voice:

What kinda stories are you people living? You make them up yourself - and then they become so difficult to solve! Do not take your life so seriously! Enjoy it! You create it yourself!

The grinning gaze of my life touched me. Did an angel whisper to me? God? Was it my Higher Self? I do not know. But I know it's amazing to listen to the silence. Tune in to the "frequency" of silence, from where comes what I need to hear. It's more exciting than all the detectives on TV, more fun than all the series.

Learn to listen to the silence! Miracles of your life are happening in that silence. There you can ask silently about anything - and you get the answer. In the silence you learn the most about yourself. And you can experience unrepeatable moments. Try it!

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