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Are you one of those people who prefer to help directly and without intermediaries? Do you like it when 100% of your money provably reaches those who need it? Do you want to be certain that many people will also help you in an emergency as well? Then keep reading!

YeahCoach's help is different. Here we help without intermediaries. YeahCoach will display a case of help and connect you directly to those in need, with whom you can write, call or meet with in person.

Happy friendships often form between those in need and donors.

In YeahCoach, you yourself can apply for help in case of an emergency, fulfilling a dream, an alternative pension or an alternative maternity leave within five minutes. Just fill out the form and if you provide all the necessary documents then the first amounts of money can come the same day. We can even send coaches to you, because we know that help is just a patch that won't last long. However, a coach can solve the situation in the long run.

The act of direct help is mutually beneficial. The needy obtains the necessary resources. The donor in turn gains a good feeling, which strengthens the immune system and increases the quality of life.

We write all your help in your profile, in the activities of good. We also record it on the Board of Honor. Thanks to that, your good deed will never be forgotten. We believe that as long as good is seen, evil cannot prevail.

See the help page. You will not believe how kind people are there for each other and how they selflessly help and support each other.



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