How and why to share YeahCoach

How to correctly share YeahCoach? What will your sharing do for your friends and acquaintances? And what do you get?
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In addition to voluntary membership in dream cooperation, YeahCoach is free for the whole world. By sharing YeahCoach, you give your friends and acquaintances a very powerful tool for prosperity, direct help, education, work and new quality friends. By sharing YeahCoach, you are improving the world and gaining recognition from the YeahCoach community.

If you have an active Ambassador membership, you are building a team and financial income. We have decided that instead of paying for expensive advertising, we will distribute part of the membership money fairly among the Ambassadors, who share YeahCoach further.

YeahCoach Ethics and Benefits:

  1. We are not e-mail catchers. That means anybody is allowed in YeahCoach without registering. 
  2. All the content and features of YeahCoach are free for everyone and without the annoying ads.
  3. The symbolic Hero Membership and Cooperation have overwhelming benefits that we encourage you to take advantage of.
  4. There are no restrictions or sanctions in YeahCoach. Everything is voluntary.

How to share YeahCoach seriously?

If you share a post or an entire subpage, for example a Hero magazine, the sharing link carries your reference code. Just click on the colored button with the "share" arrow icon located at the bottom right of the page, or click on the gray "share" arrow icon at the end of the post. You will be offered different options to share, where you can pick which one you prefer. 

  • You can copy the link of the post and paste it into a text or e-mail, for example
  • or you can use the second button offered labeled "Facebook" and share it directly on Facebook.

Important warning:

  1. Don't spam because in YeahCoach spamming doesn't work. It is a disgrace to you and YeahCoach. Share YeahCoach on "person-to-person" based communication. It is the most successful and serious sharing. Just talk about us with someone and then send them a link to the YeahCoach main page.
  2. Don't share anyone else's YeahCoach posts on social networks because they contain their YC reference  code!
  3. Don't bomb your social accounts by sharing posts from YeahCoach. We recommend sharing 1 to 3 YC posts a week on social networks, share the ones that you really like.
  4. If you're an Ambassador, don't share YeahCoach just because of the money. Share it mainly because of the direct help.

Find a way to help a specific person. Ask him what problem he is trying to solve now and then share the right link to YeahCoach. Share an article, story, gift, entertainment, help, tools, opportunity to advertise their work and more.

We wish you a lot of perseverance in sharing the idea of YeahCoach and thank you for improving the world with us!