Why I founded YeahCoach?

All my life I had been looking for a life partner who would help me thrive and offered me help in need. Nothing like that had existed, and that's why I founded YeahCoach.
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I'll be brief. I love Direct help, I enjoy simple prosperity and I want to surround myself with quality people. However, I had found a comprehensive tool to help me with all this, so I decided to found YeahCoach.

I see YeahCoach as a safety net in need and a tool for the overall prosperity regarding health, relationships and money. Something like a safety harbour and top "armament of the winners". The condition is simplicity, thanks to which prosperity can be managed by everyone.

Direct help is essential! The first goal was to create a global giant of Direct help so that every person could ask the general public, freely of charge, for help in need, a higher solidarity pension, or support for single mothers. Just be able to ask the public for direct help without intermediaries within 5 minutes from anywhere in the world, or on the contrary help knowing that no one will take a single penny or cent out of it. We succeeded!

Heaps of prosperity tools together with it!

The second goal was to build up simple tools of success, cutting-edge multimedia education and connection with the Hero community. Everyone must have access to free help, tools and education free of charge, whether they are white, black, blue, poor, rich, clever or silly. Only then can mankind move a level up. We are doing well.

I believe there is a brave Hero in every one of us. All we need is an opportunity to help directly and in addition simple tools of prosperity.

I am grateful for the way people in YeahCoach help others, donate gifts, recommend jobs and how YeahCoach enriches their lives. It's amazing to see the YeahCoach Heroes sort out one case of help after another!

And what do I say at the end?

I didn't set up YeahCoach for the lazy, the parasitic, or the crooks. YeahCoach is designed to repel these strange people. However, if you feel like being a good person, join us because we are stronger together!

I thank all Heroes and investors for their trust. We will not disappoint you!