Common gratitude
On this page you can add a public gratitude that will not only affect you, but others as well. You will also often receive gratitude from other members in the form of credits, which we immediately transfer to your financial rewards so that you can have them redeemed. Gratitude has healing power and enriches the human spirit immensely. And when gratitude is shared, its power is multiplied. There is no greater wealth or more powerful medicine than gratitude. And how to do it? Post a quality video, photo, thought or specific thank you to anyone and for anything. Start with the words thank you. For example: thank you for this interesting video (YouTube link). Or thank you for the gift I have received through this community. Or thank you for sunshine, nature, animals, family, success, health, an article, etc. Every expression of gratitude makes people happy, comforted and empowered. Gratitude improves your life and the world. Notice what you feel when you read or post grateful posts? Does it make you feel good?